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  • Office open August 17th. First day for students is August 31st.
  • Resources available on News and Events Page and Parent Resources Page.
  • In case of school closures please listen to CJAD 800 am or visit their website, Q92 (92.5 fm), 98.5 fm CKOI (96.9 fm), 730 am
  • Please make sure all clothes are labelled.

News & Events

COVID 19 Situation

Currently all three campuses are closed to students and staff.


Current Resources Available.


Our dedicated staff have complied a list  of online resources available. These resources contain sites to practice skills, educational videos and student friendly information about Covid-19.

There are links sections to Speech, OT, and Physio activities as well. This list is being updated on a regular basis.


This is the link to our resources.


Reaching out to Support Staff

All our therapists, psychologists, social workers and behaviour technicians are available for you to contact. If you have a question or need a specific resource, they are ready!

If you need to know which support staff is assigned to your child, please contact the teacher. They will forward you the contact info. 

Launching April 6.

The ultimate goals of this online community are

-to provide appropriate levelled activities

-to offer students a daily (Mon-Friday) interaction with their teacher and classmates

-to create a bank of videos that will engage our students

-to maintain the students’ connection to the school and class community


To achieve these goals, we are working with our teachers to provide the following:

-Each homeroom teacher will have a unique site that you will be able to access for your child. Activities will be available on this site.

-Each teacher will be offering a daily online presence. Student will be able to connect either through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This will be done either in a group or individual chat. Teachers will decide the best approach for their individual class.

-A YouTube channel will be available for students to watch videos related to the school. The videos will be created by members of the Summit Staff Community.


More information will be provided to you as we get closer to the April 6 launch date. In the meantime, please know that our staff is working very hard to be able to offer our students a place to connect with each other once again.