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  • April 23-27 School is closed for April Break.
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Speech Language Pathology

The speech-language pathologists support Summit school students to become competent and confident communicators. We also provide support to teachers and families through various modes of intervention which include consultation, home programs, assessment, classroom groups and classroom-integrated therapy.

We aim for each child to be able to communicate independently, developing skills ranging from requesting help to having a full conversation, depending on their capacity.

While most of our students express themselves verbally, some might need the support of signs, gestures, pictures and electronic devices.

Intervention Areas
Intelligibility: Can people understand your speech?
Vocabulary Development: Do you know enough words to say what you mean?
Grammar: Can you put words in the right order and make sentences?
Comprehension: Do you understand my questions and directions?
Story-Telling: Can you tell me about your weekend or the movie you saw?
Interaction: Do you know how to socialize with your friends?
Functions of language: Do you know how to ask for help?

Communication Devices at Home


25 REPETITIVE BOOKS TO PROMOTE SPEECH AND LANGUAGE Created by Laura Smith @ Are you a Cow? (Sandra Boynton) Are you my Mother?