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School Entrance
  • Office open August 17th. First day for students is August 31st.
  • Resources available on News and Events Page and Parent Resources Page.
  • In case of school closures please listen to CJAD 800 am or visit their website, Q92 (92.5 fm), 98.5 fm CKOI (96.9 fm), 730 am
  • Please make sure all clothes are labelled.


Code of Conduct: Safety and Security

General Principles:

Students are expected to behave in a courteous and cooperative manner in order to permit teachers to teach and for all students to learn.
Theft of any kind (locker break-ins etc...) will result in disciplinary measures.
During the school day, all hand held electronic devices such as, MP3 players, IPods, cell phones, etc… will not be permitted in any classroom.
Texting in class, photography and video recordings with any electronic device may result in disciplinary action unless it is authorized by a staff member for academic purposes.
The school accepts no responsibility for loss or theft of these items.

Policy on Weapons or Dangerous Materials in School

Possession of weapons, of any sort is prohibited on school property.
The school has the right to conduct searches of students and their lockers if possession of weapons is suspected. Two (2) staff will be present at all searches. If weapons are found administration will be informed and the appropriate action will be taken.
Threatening violence is not tolerated.

Policy on Substance Abuse

Drugs, alcohol or related paraphernalia are not permitted on school property.
The school has the right to conduct searches of students and their lockers if possession of a substance is suspected. Two (2) staff will be present at all searches.
Alcohol is forbidden at all school functions.

Policy on Violence

Students caught in an act of violence such as; fighting, bullying, verbal threats, or vandalism may receive an in-school or home suspension. In more severe situations, the police may be contacted. The student may then be asked to return to school with his parents/guardian. Any additional consequences will be established at a meeting with administration.

Students not following the code of conduct:

Depending on the infraction, any one of the following actions may be applied:
  • Meeting with the Behavioural Technician, Social Worker, or Psychologist.
  • In-school Suspension (I.S.S.P.) - an in school suspension is carried out with supervision, for a set period of time. Failure to comply with in- school suspension may result in home suspension.
  • Home Suspension
    • the student will not be permitted to attend school for the duration of the suspended period and the child’s family is responsible for the care-giving of the child during this time.
  • In extreme situations, indefinite home suspension may occur and parents will be asked to return to school with their child for a meeting prior to the child’s re-entry into school.

School Uniform

Summit School campus has a mandatory dress code for all students.
  • The dress code consists of a white top with a collar (a secondary color, Tan is also available) and navy blue pants or skirt.
  • Blue jeans and jogging/track pants are not permitted.
  • Arrangements have been made with the company called “Loft Uniforms”. There is a wide selection of tops and bottoms to choose from.
  • You can call for an appointment at Loft at 514-270-6044
  • You have the option to purchase your child's uniform at a store of your choice, respecting the above description.

Lauren Hill Academy Campus
  • The uniform consists of specific black pants or skirt
  • a logo button shirt or collared t-shirt
  • The LHA sweater.
  • For girls wearing skirts, socks or tights must be either black, white or burgundy.
  • Shoes must be solid black.
  • The suggested belt, socks and gym uniform are not necessary to purchase.
  • There are no exceptions or substitutions for the mandatory uniform.


Although there is not specific colour dress codes, students are encouraged to dress in proper attire.


  • Polo or long sleeve shirt
  • Shirts with collars
  • Blouses for females
  • All pants and jeans must be clean with no rips and pulled up above hips.
  • Leggings are allowed when worn in conjunction of a skirt or long top
  • Shorts/capris must be knee length
  • Flip flops are not allowed.

School Bus Information

Summit School has engaged the services of the Seguin Bus Company.
  • The school will make arrangements for the student’s transportation.
  • The bus driver will contact you to inform you of the route, bus number, and time of pickup and drop off.
  • We endeavour to have a bus monitor on each bus although this may not always be possible.
  • Parents/guardians MUST have their children ready for pick up and should be present when the child is dropped off.
  • You must inform the bus company if your child is ill and will not be attending school. This saves the bus driver an unnecessary drive to your home. You can call as early as 6:30 am.
  • If your child will not be attending school for an extended period of time, you must also inform the bus driver and the school secretary. The dispatcher’s number is (450)625.0506.
Rules of Conduct on the Bus
  • The bus driver and the monitor assigned to the bus, are responsible for the safety of all on the bus, and therefore have the authority to maintain order on the bus.
  • If a student’s behaviour endangers the safety of the other students, both the school and the school bus company, have the right to refuse to transport the student.
  • When students disembark from the school bus, the staff are positioned to greet and to guide the student into the school.
Students who are Travel Trained
  • Summit School is not responsible for any behaviours and/or incidents that occur between home and school.

Health Services

A nurse is in attendance daily at Summit School.
  • Parents are asked to call the school if their child is unwell and will be absent.Please inform the school if your child has a communicable disease.
  • Should a student become ill or injured during school hours, the parent/guardian shall be advised as soon as possible. They are expected to pick their child up from school when necessary within a reasonable period of time.
  • In the case of an emergency, the school will decide whether or not to send the child to the hospital and parents will be notified.
  • An emergency contact number must be given so that if the parent is unable to be reached or cannot pick up the child, the emergency contact will be called.
  • All medications sent to the school must be properly labelled with your child’s name, exact dosage, and time of day to be given.
  • For legal purposes, the label must be from the pharmacy. This includes both prescription and over the counter medications.
  • Without proper labelling, medication will not be given.
  • Please advise the Nursing Department of any changes in medication during the school year.
  • For safety purposes, all medication should be given to the bus driver/monitor who will bring it into the school (students should not have their medication with them in their bags, unless they come to school independently.).
  • If your child has any allergies please inform the Nursing Department.
  • Please note that we are a peanut–free school. (We ask that parents comply with this standard so that we can offer a safe environment to students with peanut allergies.)
Contagious Diseases
  • If you think that your child is coming down with an illness please do not send them to school.
  • Students that have an infection that requires antibiotics must be at home for 24 hours after starting the medication.
  • Students with diarrhea and/or vomiting at school will be sent home. ( It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that someone is available to pick up the student.) Students must then remain at home for 24 hours symptom free.
  • Pink eye is highly contagious, therefore when we see it in your child, they will be sent home.