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In case of a school closure due to poor weather conditions or other emergencies, please listen to the following radio stations for announcements:

CJAD 800 am, Q92 (92.5 fm), 98.5 FM (English), CKOI (96.9 fm)

Radio circulation 730 AM (French)

*WE ASK THAT YOU LABEL HATS, SCARVES, MITTENS etc. for the winter season.

Our “Lost and Found” box is overflowing.


Term 2 Parent Night
Thursday March 13

Ped Days
February 10
February 17
March 14
May 16
June 6

2013-2014 Calendars
Summit 2013-2014
Summit High School Satellite Program 2013-2014.
TECC 2013-2014

*	Please be advised that if you move during the school year or over the summer you must inform the 
office.  If you are moving past the limits of service set up by our transport company Summit School 
cannot provide transportation for your child.  You will have to request special transportation from the 
local school board.  Some school boards may refuse, therefore we advise you to verify with the school 
board as soon as possible.  

The limits of service are as follows; 
North -St.Rose, 
Laval  South -Verdun
East- Rivieres des Prairies 
West -Ste. Anne de BellevueNews_And_Events_files/Summit%202013-2014_1.pdfNews_And_Events_files/Summit%20Satellite%202013-2014_1.pdfNews_And_Events_files/TECC%20%20calendar%202013-2014_1.pdf