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Since 1998, Summit Students have been offered a lunchtime athletics programs. The three sports covered throughout the school year are basketball, indoor hockey, and soccer. There are twelve teams divided between two leagues, with an average of nine players per team. The leagues function on a five game schedule, with playoffs determining the champions in each league for each of the sports. Medals and ribbons are awarded for the first and second place teams. Numerous students are involved in helping organize these games, including some refereeing and scorer keeping. It is an opportunity to assume some responsibility in a sport setting and practice appropriate leadership skills.

The seasons culminate with all-star games, one for students versus students, and the other pitting students against a team of staff. These games are always lively, and well-attended by a loud and supportive student audience. These intramural programs are immensely popular, and have become an intricate part of student life at Summit School.

Winter 2020 - Hockey