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The mission of the Summit School Foundation is to raise funds to support special programs and initiatives at Summit School.

Community support is absolutley essential in allowing us to successfully fulfill the school’s mission of providing services to children and youth with developmental disabilities. Although the services provided at Summit School are supported by the Ministry of Education, additional funds are required for building construction and for special programs.

A steadily increasing demand for services
In 1977, when Summit moved to its current location in Saint Laurent, the enrollment was just over 200. This year, the school accepted 598 students.

With a waiting list of over 100 children – a list that grows longer every year – the need to build additional space to accommodate more students is urgent.

A new building project
In response to this urgent need, Summit School is initiating a $10 million capital campaign to finance a new building project at their St-Laurent campus. The project includes:

• A foot print of 12,916 square feet
• 6 additional classrooms
• A full-sized gymnasium
• A rooftop playground
• A dance studio
• A cafeteria with a fully-equipped commercial kitchen

Reading, math and science
Six new classrooms will mean that over 80 additional children and their families will benefit from the inspiring and nurturing environment at Summit.

Gym, dance and yoga
The new gymnasium will increase the time allotted to each student for physical activity. Physical activity has been shown to positively affect both short and long-term academic performance as well as improving motor skills. In addition, it can empower children by helping with social interaction and communication, improving self-esteem and prepare them for an active, healthy life.
As well, a dance studio will provide space for more creative physical activities including dance and yoga. For students at every level, dance and creative movement provide enjoyable physical activity that, in addition to being an expressive outlet, boosts self-confidence and encourages interaction and communication.

Braising, steaming and serving
The student-operated cafeteria will be a work training opportunity for Summit students. Learning about food preparation and service in the commercial kitchen will prepare them for potential future employment. The experience will also extend and deepen their life skills development, giving them an opportunity to learn about nutritious meals and helping them become more independent.

We are proud of what has been accomplished thus far and look forward to an even brighter future!

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact:

Summit School Foundation
1750 rue Deguire
Saint Laurent (Quebec) H4L 1M7

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