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Creative Arts

Creating art enables students to make choices, solve problems, and build identity. At Summit School, there are a variety of programs available in which the students can engage their imaginations and express themselves in a creative environment: dance, drama, media, music, visual arts, and woodworking.

Students who may be having difficulties in other parts of the school curriculum may find an expressive outlet through the creative arts. The Arts can be a way to uncover creativity that may not be seen otherwise

The creative arts are means of communicating ideas, feelings, and solutions in a way other than verbally or written. The most gratifying part is that students know there is no one way to respond, interpret, or create. They know that their own way will speak volumes.

Dance – Through improvisation incorporated with traditional dance techniques, the students are given the opportunity to express themselves in a non-verbal and creative manner. Using a variety of music styles and differentiated choreography, the students explore feelings, story lines, and things they find inspiring.

Drama – The students learn to tell stories, relate to others, and create scenarios of their own in the drama program. Emphasis is often placed on role play, improvisation, and composition. Summit’s drama productions have been featured both on the main stage, such as in the Montreal Fringe Festival, as well as the small stage in the school for an intimate audience.

Media – The media program seeks to take inspiration from the students’ own lives and expand them into a variety of projects using media and technology. Summit’s students tell their own stories in video, acting, or web-based projects that they write, storyboard, direct, and act in themselves. The media program also focusses on real issues facing our students and the different outlets of expression and communication that can be available to help them express and be heard.

Music – The students get the opportunity to participate in activities that feature exploration on a range of instruments, musical interpretation using a variety of musical styles, singing songs, dancing and learning through movement, composing and recording, and creating and exploring through play. The music department often highlights the students in showcase and concert settings and occasionally goes into the community to learn about sound outside the school!

Visual Arts - The focus of the art program is on expressive art activities used purely as a way for students to explore, create, discover, and express their feelings and ideas. Through expressive art-making, student artists can experience a variety of media and materials as a means of finding ways to interpret their experiences. The art program provides exposure to various art techniques, styles, movements, and famous artists from both past and present inspiring each student to see that he or she is an artist with his or her own individual ideas.

Passwords to view media will be provided by classroom teachers and will be available soon.

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